After using Transcender and Measure up test prep engines I thought I would try www.actualtests.com because it is used on the Final exam in the training academy I attend before they let you take the booth test. What a mistake!!!

First of all it was overly expensive, and their refund policy is a joke. I went ahead and purchased and installed the 70-284 exam engine and found out it did not work right. I will say that after complaining they did fix it to a somewhat usable state.

What I find out the most disconcerting is the tremendous amount of errors present in the exam. Situations that don't fit the questions, exhibits that don't fit the question, questions with conflicting answers and explanations, numerous answers with no explanations, spelling and grammer mistakes more than anyone would think possible.

Quite frankly after going thru the 265 questions twice I'm starting to feel like the exam is causing me more problems than being helpful.

Lastly they have turned a deaf ear to my requests that someone, anyone review the questions and correct the problems. I have even offered to send the data that seems to be wrong but I guess now that they have been paid, these requests are not important enough to respond to. Other exams may be OK, but the Exchange Server exam needs some serious updating! I will not buy from them for my last three classes since they seem to offer no support and are not willing to correct their tests and will not respond to repeated email requests for help.

Review about: Actualtests Exam Answers.


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I just bought, then downloaded the Netapp 153 exam PDF.What a piece of junk.

The 178 questions are actually about 40 questions repeated a number of times.What a mistake!!!


While I agree with the previous comments, the worst part is they advertise all their test material is up to date.I studied for the 70-680 test using their material and failed.

When I started looking into it, I found their material is all two years old. If you look at the file dates you will see it is almost all from April of 2009.

In checking their site today I see all the Microsoft stuff is gone. Good riddance.

If they can't keep material that is current, they are hurting everyone.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS with these guys.There are a lot better places to go.


I have never used the exam engine and it doesnt seem like a good deal when one can get the same info in the PDF.By and large the PDF files from actualtest are of excelent quality.

I have been in the IT industry since 1997 and I have passed over 30 certification test including MS, Cisco, Citrix, etc.I have only used the actualtest product for the last 4 or 5 cisco tests, but found that for those tests at least the PDF files are dead on and well worth the cost of the "lifetime" membership.


I also having same experience.I purchased it and download the sample question and start preparing for my MCPD exam 70-551.

The question that i had was very different from the actual exam.I am not sure why they are confidence making the statement of Full refund.


They mislead people into unknowingly purchasing the $189 exam engine add on (which looks like $40 more but is actually $189).When you request a refund, they deny it.

Then to top it off, their EXE you download doesn't even work on Vista or Win7.

I had high-hopes -- but I'm greatly disappointed.I hope someone is pirating the *** outta this site, its the least anyone can do to get them back for all the people the ripped off.

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