After using Transcender and Measure up test prep engines I thought I would try www.actualtests.com because it is used on the Final exam in the training academy I attend before they let you take the booth test. What a mistake!!!

First of all it was overly expensive, and their refund policy is a joke. I went ahead and purchased and installed the 70-284 exam engine and found out it did not work right. I will say that after complaining they did fix it to a somewhat usable state.

What I find out the most disconcerting is the tremendous amount of errors present in the exam. Situations that don't fit the questions, exhibits that don't fit the question, questions with conflicting answers and explanations, numerous answers with no explanations, spelling and grammer mistakes more than anyone would think possible.

Quite frankly after going thru the 265 questions twice I'm starting to feel like the exam is causing me more problems than being helpful.

Lastly they have turned a deaf ear to my requests that someone, anyone review the questions and correct the problems. I have even offered to send the data that seems to be wrong but I guess now that they have been paid, these requests are not important enough to respond to. Other exams may be OK, but the Exchange Server exam needs some serious updating! I will not buy from them for my last three classes since they seem to offer no support and are not willing to correct their tests and will not respond to repeated email requests for help.

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to Personal Kampala, Kampala, Uganda #666444

i have used actual test.I would not use it as my primary source of info..

I used how2pass test engine ( Cisco exams only ) with great success.I think Actual Test is more a guide then the "Actual Test!" Because if that was true isn't that cheating?


Hi there,

I have paid $149.00 for account. after purchasing service when i download the questions all were wrong answered and also i just got 3% in exam... so actualtests.com is worthless.

to Jaggu Almere, Flevoland, Netherlands #911068

If you only got 3%, you probably don't know anything......


Actucaltests.com is the fraud company.

I have paid $149.00 for the exam Aruba 6.1.

and found that 80% answers are wrong and i have sent many emails to them for clarification and i did not get any reply back.

I have tried to chat with them online and they have just ignored me.

these people are rip off..

I would not recommend any one to buy any service from actualtests.com.


You'll spend more time installing and uninstalling this app than studying.


just bought some exams from them, need my password reset and haven't gotten a reply from their support. Need their phone number


Actualtests is an ok choice if you are planning on taking multiple tests. It serves as supplemental material. I can tell you now, that the LPI linux test, actualtests was sufficient but not idea in preparing for it. I used two study books, my laptop with ubuntu on it to run commands and read man pages, and actualtests. I was super prepared and did very well on the tests, but some of the questions were super obscure, and thankfully I did not just memorize questions/answer pairings but actually learned the material.

I think actualtests tests are good as a confidence builder in knowing what material will be tested. But you better branch out and read and test everything you can on those topics.

One gripe I have is that the Zend test I took had no explanations, so some of the questions I spent several hours on just to figure out what it was trying to test when an explanation, even a *** one would have pointed me in the right direction.

That is how Transcender beats Actualtests and Braindumps... explanations are useful.

Still, if these assessment tests start testing skills (ie: subnetting calculations or write-in of commands), explanations and memorizing q/a will be less useful and the test will be harder. Maybe that's a good thing!

What I do NOT think is useful, is to have an industry that tries to treat people like potential frauds, trying to protect their Q/A's like they are some special intellectual property simply because they have the authority and profit motivation to do so (some tests are up to 1000 dollars... which imo is extortion). Instead they should be focusing on the goal: a standardized skillset and education for people they certify.

For example, if your test itself is of any merit, it shouldn't matter if you study the questions just to pass...if you pass, regardless of how you did it, the certification should say you are on equal ground with someone who for example took a class or learned it with experience or whatever. The process is the education and the medium (certification) is the message (you learned).


This is not a good app.They have a big issue with their licensing.

If you have the app closed for couple of days, it says license expired when you reopen. Contacted support (no phone number, only email) and was asked to reinstall the app. And it still gives problems. I've had to reinstall many times.

SUCKS!!!So in short you won't be able to study and work as planned.


I have been using Actualtest for over a year prepping for the VCP410 tests.They recently updated the test engine and this is when I discovered the old engine had many incorrect answers.

When I inquired about this after comparing the new engine withe the old engine and providing Actualtest with proof all they tell me is "use the updated engine." They refused to refund me for the bad engine prep tests I have been using for the past year and half.Beware if Actualtest has upgraded the test engine for the product you are using?


I came across a site that may be a little better than ActualTest called How2Pass.com. Worth checking out.

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