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I'm having the same problem also. I've been checking every day right now the past week to see if the members area has been fixed.

I'm trying to study for a certification test right now, and this is so inconvenient. I've been a member with unlimited lifetime access since 2007. I've submitted several emails to support with no response. I don't understand why all of a sudden they have done this to so many members.

Also in this past week, when I told support in an email that I have been a member since 2007, my invoice conveniently disappeared. Now the only invoices that show are the invoices for the Exam Engines that I have purchased in the past. I can't believe they would do this to so many loyal members who have been using them for many years. They are stealing from us by asking us to now pay $149 for Unlimited Lifetime Access again, when we already payed for it in the past.

I've lost $99 do this now. I guess I'll just keep trying support. I really don't know what to do now. I really liked ActualTests in the past.

They didn't just give you the answer for test questions, but they gave explanations for the answer so that you really learned the information, instead of just memorizing answers. Guess it's time to start looking for other exam sites.

Product or Service Mentioned: Actualtests Unlimited Access Membership.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $99.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Has someone got a fixed yet? I am a member since 2005, and violah, being charge $149 (gladly I got the original payment email they sent me). But no reply yet from CS.


The same thing happened to me.. I actually forwarded information I had downloaded and asked them to check for the download tags since they only allow 3 downloads for the $99 unlimited tests - What a racket..

Of course we don't have records from over 10 years ago - the banks don't even keep these (well archived but not for public access).

I have not found a phone number for them either - has anyone...? And has anyone been successful in getting their rights back?


Same here bought it 2010 and they can't find it what a Joke


Same thing happened to me as well. This was actually their response to me when I asked them about it:


We've checked our bank records and couldn't find your payment.

Do you have any payment receipts from your purchase?

If so - please forward to us.

Please feel free to contact us in case of further queries.


ActualTests Support Luckily, I kept a copy of the invoice and they have yet to respond back after i emailed it to them. I will keep you posted as to what comes about.

to Dee #1357498

Same here. It's been 24 hrs since i replied to their request and sent a copy of my original invoice.

I've also sent a follow-up email this morning. So far it's been radio silence after I called them out on their quest to obtain more money from loyal consumers.


Exact same thing happened to me as well. My lifetime membership has been removed and my invoice magically disappeared from their website.


Same exact issue has just happened to me.

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